ZDS Barter Club

What is ZDS Barter Club?

ZDS Barter Club's goal is to save business owners cash, connect them to new markets, and help them market their products. Our members enjoy saving cash on hand by using barter with ANY of our members for household goods, dining, auto repair, cleaning services (carpet, windows, general), web design, entertainment, employee/customer gifts and much, much more.

Are Beaver Pelts Involved?
Bartering certainly is an old method of exchange that has been used for centuries – long before money (coins, paper currency) was invented – but beaver pelts are rare these days. People exchanged services and goods with others within their immediate geographical area for other services and goods in return.

Bartering is now a global market, but bartering with other businesses in your area is still convenient, saves money and has marketing/referral benefits as well.

Save Money
New Business
Businesses are spending cash every single day for things they could have purchased with barter! Using barter for services and goods effectively increases your spending ability. Conserve your cash for savings or for things you can’t purchase with barter.
Our large membership base (over 300 businesses and growing) gives you a brand new group of businesses to offer your goods and services to. Club members use other member’s businesses and refer others to members whenever possible.
Use barter to purchase a wide variety of quality goods and services such as Restaurants, Car Repair, Heating & Air, Web Design, Cabin Rentals, Pet Services, Home & Garden, Massage, Carpet Cleaning, Handyman Services, Arts & Crafts, and much more.
Attract & Reward Employees
Personal or Business
Entertain Clients
Purchase gift certificates or items with barter to attract, retain & reward your employees. Use for gifts or bonuses. What employee wouldn’t enjoy a nice dinner out or a cabin rental?
Use barter to have your house cleaned, take your spouse to dinner, have your carpets and windows cleaned or take the family on a vacation. There's a variety of goods and services available.
Whether you’re attempting to close a sale with a potential client or simply want to show a customer how much you appreciate them, you’ll find plenty of things to spend your barter on.